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Business Products: Cash Management
Sound Cash Management Services
First Sound Bank offers services to make your finances more manageable. Selecting the right Cash Management components can make more productive use of the two most critical components of your business—your time and money.

Account Analysis
First Sound Bank customizes your services to maximize the profitability of your banking relationship. Collected balances from all your accounts are then used to calculate your earned credit and help offset service charges. Our account analysis statement provides you with a convenient summary of all your account balances and service details.

Sweep Services
Sound Cash Sweep Account

The Sound Cash Sweep combines a business checking account with an FDIC-insured interest-bearing account. Funds in excess of your "target" checking account balance are automatically transferred daily into a competitive interest-bearing account. If your end-of-day checking account balance falls below your target balance, funds will be automatically swept back to your checking account. Because the sweep to and from your checking account is automatic, there is no need for you to worry about managing your daily balances. You can increase your revenue and write checks without having to manually transfer funds between accounts.
  • Maximizes the value of surplus cash
  • Convenient automated funds transfers
  • Competitive interest rates
The Sound Cash Sweep Account is an attractive cash management option for businesses with excess daily cash balances.

Sound Loan Sweep Service

Designed to help businesses monitor and maximize their daily cashflow position, the loan sweep service will automatically sweep the ledger balance from your business checking account to pay down on your line of credit. It will also advance funds from your line of credit to your business checking to prevent an overdraft situation from occurring.

Zero Balance Accounts
A Zero Balance Account gives you the ability to consolidate funds from special use accounts (i.e., payroll, operating or expense accounts) into a single primary account. When a deposit is made into a special use account, the exact amount is automatically transferred at the end of the day into the primary account. Likewise, as checks are presented for payment against a special use account, the exact amount is automatically transferred from the primary account. The balances of the special use accounts will always be zero.
  • All your company's cash is consolidated into a single account
  • Balances do not sit idle in special use accounts
  • Transfers are made automatically, eliminating the need for manual transfers

Sound eCapture
Sound eCapture allows you to scan checks, create digital deposits, and use an encrypted Internet connection to transmit them to First Sound Bank for clearing and posting to your account. Deposit transactions are easier and faster with Sound eCapture. As each check is scanned, the system captures a digital image of the front and back of the item. Additional data to augment accounting records can also be entered with each check scanned. Digital records of all check images, as well as accompanying data for the day's deposit, can be uploaded to your accounts receivable system.

First Sound Bank offers a variety of different scanners based on deposit volume, deposit information needs and additional available service options.

Online Information Reporting
First Sound Bank's Internet Banking offers up-to-the-minute account information online - your account information is available 24 hours a day.

Balance reporting
  • View Current, Available and Collected balances (current and previous day) on all your accounts
  • Up-to-the-minute information allows you to monitor and manage your daily cash position
  • View transaction history
  • View images of deposits and checks
  • Download account information in a variety of formats
Funds Transfers between First Sound Bank Accounts
  • Make transfers between First Sound Bank accounts to maximize your cash flow
  • With "real-time" access, funds are transferred immediately
  • View your transfers as soon as they're made with Balance Reporting

ACH (Automated Clearing House) Transactions
Your company can save both time and money using ACH payments with First Sound Bank. You'll enjoy the convenience and efficiency of processing transactions electronically.

Manually create ACH files for most types of payments or collections. Or, if you already own software that generates files in ACH format, you can easily upload the files into Sound Internet Banking for processing.

Direct Deposit

Provide your employees with the benefit of receiving their paychecks electronically. As an employer, you'll enjoy the convenience and efficiency; your employees will benefit from the security and on-time delivery.

Consumer Payments (Automatic Deductions)

Collect payments from your customers by deducting the amount due from their account, wherever they bank.
  • No more late payments from customers. Receive payments on-time for goods or services rendered.
  • Recurring payments are made quickly and easily.
  • No more waiting for your customer's check to clear.
B2B (Business-to-Business) Payments

Use ACH for payment of your invoices to your vendors and suppliers.
  • Payments are made quickly and easily.
  • Saves your company time and money. Reduces the operating expenses associated with manual check writing.
Cash Concentration or Disbursement

Use this feature to consolidate funds from accounts at other banks into your First Sound Bank operating account; or, transfer funds to accounts at another bank.

Tax Payments

Make your required Federal and State tax payments (payroll withholdings, quarterly estimates, etc.) electronically.

Wire Transfers
Wire Transfers at First Sound Bank are quick, efficient and safe. Our business customers have the ability to initiate domestic and international wires online in addition to by phone or fax. For added security, wires submitted through online banking require dual control - one authorized user to create the wire, another authorized user to approve it.
  • Outgoing domestic wired funds generally receive same day credit
  • Receive electronic notifications for all incoming and outgoing wires
  • Set-up repetitive wire instructions to save time

Electronic Statements and Notices
With enrollment in our E-Document service, electronic statements and/or notices can be viewed and/or downloaded through Sound Internet Banking.
  • Faster delivery than paper documents
  • Documents are available via email and Sound Internet Banking

CD ROM Statements
First Sound Banks offers monthly statements and imaged copies of processed deposit tickets, deposited items and paid checks on a fully indexed CD Rom. This will eliminate the need for paper storage. Finding a check or a deposit becomes easier and more efficient.

Positive Pay Service
Designed to help businesses prevent and detect fraud, Positive Pay verifies the checks you have written and pays only those you have authorized - an effective tool to help manage high volume check issuance.

Merchant Services
Increase the sales potential of your business by allowing customers to pay for purchases by VISA®, MasterCard® and other bankcards or debit cards. You have the option of purchasing or renting your equipment.

ATM/Debit Card
Enjoy the convenience of 24-hour banking at thousands of ATMs worldwide. Make your deposits conveniently with no fee at ATMs located at most Wells Fargo Bank branches in Washington state. Just include your First Sound Bank deposit slip and your deposit will be promptly posted to your account. Withdrawals at most Wells Fargo Bank branch ATMs are surcharge free.

Credit Card Services
Choose the card that's right for you and have it issued in your name as well as the name of the business. Our card options include Visa®, Platinum Visa® and Visa Flex Miles Card® that rewards you with free airline miles rewards.

Courier Services
A courier service picks up your non-cash deposits as needed or on a regular basis. This saves you and your staff time that can be used to build your business.

Armored Courier Services
An armored courier service will pick up your cash deposits as needed or on a regular basis; cash deliveries to your business are also available. This saves you and your staff time and ensures the safety of your employees.

Lockbox Service
Lockbox processing speeds up delivery, reduces the float period and accelerates the conversion of your receivables into cash. It saves time for your employees by eliminating the need to open the mail, prepare the deposits and deliver them to the bank. The added security of knowing your money is going directly to your account, along with improved control and funds availability, makes this program an excellent benefit for business owners.

International Services
First Sound Bank offers a full array of International products and services.
  • Import & Export Letters of Credit
  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Documentary Collections
  • International Remittances
  • International Drafts
  • International Wires
  • Foreign Exchange

Account Alerts
Sound Internet Banking allows users to set up alerts pertaining to selected events. Alerts may be sent to a specified email address and/or be viewed once you log in to your account online.

Stop Payments
Stop payment requests can be initiated either on-line or by telephone or fax. The stop payment status will be in place for a maximum period of 6 months.

Online Bill Payment
Our Bill Payment Service allows you to schedule bill payments from your designated checking account to the payees you choose through Sound Internet Banking.
  • Fast, secure and convenient online bill payment solutions. Now you can manage your entire bill payment process online anytime, anywhere.
  • Schedule one-time or recurring payments
  • Eliminates the need for checks, envelopes and postage
  • Makes recordkeeping easy because your payment history is online
Contact Us
If you have questions about First Sound Bank's products and services, contact Cash Management at (206) 515-2004 or use our toll free number, (888) 515-2006.

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